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Rare Ammo

  • SS190 for sale SS190 showing inside steel tip

    5 rounds SS190 Clone

    I received this SS190 ammo in trade. I was immediately suspicious because all the projectiles have marks from a bullet puller. (Anyone who has bought pulled green tips will recognize these marks). Further investigation reveals the following. Brass has...

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  • Banes Illegal Solid Brass AP armor piercing pistol ammo Barnes box of 50 .224 45 grain banded solids for sale

    Barnes Solid .224 45 Grain

    Loading or intending to load these bullets into pistol ammunition is illegal. The production of these bullets was halted by the ATF about a decade ago, making them, along with some other Barnes Banded Solids, the most collectible and sought-after...

  • Exploded Shell Exploded Shell

    Exploded Shell

    Trench Find. An 88mm exploded shell. Solid brass. Nationality, date, and other details unknown.  Spectacular specimen, particularly from a materials science perspective. On the back the metal has fissures where the material has torn under...

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  • .30-06 Grenade Firing Blanks .30-06 Grenade Firing Blanks

    .30-06 Grenade Firing Blanks

    Brazilian .30-06 Grenade firing blanks. (We think, please correct us if we are wrong).  Good condition. Old new stock. $2 for one, $8 for eight, $70 for one hundred.  Firing grenades from rifles can result in broken bones and rifles. Proceed...

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