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For PS90

Promoted Pawn has been bringing you PS90 parts since 2005, longer than anyone else, and we're dedicated to the iterative improvement of this weapon. Each PS90 product we make is an evolution built on 15 years of forward progress and customer input, focused keenly on real world performance gains.

10jhjh25x42.jpgNothing, at any price, will outperform the Promoted Pawn Brand items offered on this page. You can take advantage of our lifetime, zero-hassle refund policy, but no one ever does.

  • SS190 for sale SS190 showing inside steel tip

    5 rounds SS190 Clone

    I received this SS190 ammo in trade. I was immediately suspicious because all the projectiles have marks from a bullet puller. (Anyone who has bought pulled green tips will recognize these marks). Further investigation reveals the following. Brass has...

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  • PS90 SBR barrel cut service

    SBR Service

    Ship us your upper and we will cut your barrel down, square and polish the new muzzle crown, and thread on a P90 flash hider. Your receiver will be unobtrusively stamped with “Champlin Customs Sedona AZ". We do not recommend using a suppressor on...

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  • PS90 Stock

    PS90 Stock

    New PS90 Stock Assembly. Does not include trigger pack. Does not include butt pad. I love the OD green stocks, but they are hard to find. 

  • FNH PS90 Mags in stock. FN Brand PS90 MAG 50rnd

    FN Brand PS90 MAG 50rnd

    New in Box FN Brand Magazines for PS90. Sold at lowest prices allowed by FN. The 50 round mags include a dust cover. Shipping is not available for the ten states which outlaw these mags. FYI 30 round mags are very easy to convert to 50 round mags for...

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  • Ps90 low profile ultralight picatinny optic rail. Ps90 low profile ultralight picatinny optic rail.

    Super Low Profile Optic Rail

    Some of you have been waiting years for this. It doesn't have back up irons, it doesn't have room for stacked optics. All frills have been sacrificed to get your optic as low as possible, in an insanely light weight package that hugs the contours of your...

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  • PS90 with carbon fiber side rail and see all sight.

    PS90 Side Rail (Carbon Fiber)

    The PS90 is already top heavy. Adding metal rails makes it worse. This rail is 1/3 the weight of the next lightest rail available. Another problem with aluminum is that the anodized surface reflects IR light like a beacon. This carbon fiber rail is like...

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  • SALE
    Ruger 57 for sale.

    Ruger 57

    Low price!  How to order: Use the text boxes above to enter your name and phone number. We do this because we'd prefer you use your FFLs name, address, and phone number for shipping. We will contact them and check their credentials prior...

    $799.00 $600.00
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  • Extended charging handle for PS90 Extended charging knob for PS90

    Extended Charging Handle (Carbon Fiber)

    There are other charging handle upgrades on the market. This one is easily the simplest, lightest, most practical, and least expensive choice.  Looks similar to the original, but is way easier to cock. Fat round edges don't poke or grab the shooter...

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  • PS90 trigger improvement. Creep Killer is the Best modification.

    Creep Killer (New Version)

    The creep killer is an ingenious little piece of plastic that fits into your PS90s trigger pack and instantly improves three elements of the trigger pull. This new version is compatible with all PS90 triggers. Pre travel stage: The factory trigger feels...

  • P90 QD sling mount. PS90 QD sling mount.

    Stud for QD Sling

    Description This accessory mounts to the stock of your PS90 using the stock's pre-existing fasteners. It allows you to attach a standard QD sling swivel. We recommend mounting it in the spot shown for right handed shooters and on the opposite side...

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  • PS90 and P90 selector switch with A marking

    P90 Selector

    Don't use cast plastic replicas of this item- they break and are extremely dangerous! This is a FN Factory selector switch for the P90 or F2000. You can install it in the civilian variant weapons. You can switch between all three settings. Switching to...

  • PS90 Butt extension rear sling mount point another ps90 butt extension, the best

    Carbon Fiber Butt Plate

    FEATURES Gives the weapon a normal length of pull, so you're not holding your carbine like a retarded T-Rex.  Integrated and recessed sling mount is perfectly placed for comfortable carry and accurate sling-braced shooting.  Hollow compartment...

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  • PS90 trigger pack

    PS90 Trigger Pack

    Brand New Trigger pack for PS90. These are sometimes available for less direct from FN. But usually they are not available at all.    No more Delta Trigger Job option. The DELTA KILO trigger job is coming soon! See the Delta Trigger Job page to...

  • PS90 Delta Trigger

    PS90 Delta Trigger

    Sales currently suspended due to overwhelming demand. Accepting Deposits for Next Run. 1,000 Delta Trigger Jobs Accomplished! Sales now suspended. Accepting deposits for the new DELTA KILO trigger which will feature even greater safety and convenience...

  • Maryland SBR Stock Maryland SBR Stock

    Maryland SBR Stock

    This Stock Allows your Maryland SBR PS90 meet state law regarding overall rifle length. Made one at a time. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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