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  • FN PS90 Soft Case with SBR PS90 Bullpup Soft case with heavy duty lockable zipper


    These durable padded nylon cases are made specifically for the PS90 and FS2000. Not many cases can accommodate the girth of FN's bullpups, but these can. Beefy zipper hardware makes this soft case fast-to-access and lockable. The...

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  • B&T GHM9 Compact 9mm 4.3 Inch B&T GHM9 Compact 9mm 4.3 Inch

    B&T GHM9 Compact 9mm 4.3 Inch

    Special Price! Demo Unit has fired 200 rounds and is in very good condition. Includes B&T Hardcase, Mag, and Sling. 1/2x28 threaded barrel with thread protector. Includes M-Lok QD sling mount. Features hydraulic buffer system for reduced recoil...

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  • 3 Round Burst Demonstrator

    3 Round Burst Demonstrator

    Made from a Mil-Surp AUG trigger pack, this device demonstrates the inner workings of a progressive select-fire 3 round burst trigger. Only ten of these cut away models will be made.  This device has been configured for ease of demonstration. See...

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  • Steyr AUG parts kit parts.

    Steyr AUG Parts

    Select a part to see picture. These are parts from used SME Maylaysian Military Select-Fire AUG rifles. All parts are in serviceable condition. Condition of parts range from fair to very good.

  • steyr aug bluprint malaysian soldier with steyr aug

    SME AUG Manual

    New York Times best seller Repal Tempur AUG Steyr-SME in all it's mid 1990's glory. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pin up the tri-fold drawing, frame the elegant line drawings, and learn fluent Malay.  65 pages. Bound with two staples that...

  • STG magazine for MSAR rifle

    Microtech MSAR Mags

    Factory mags made by Microtech. New Old Stock.  STG mags may fit AUG rifles. E4 mags are AR-15 compatible and will not fit MSAR STG rifles, they were made for the MSAR E4 rifles. E4 mag is not pictured, but has the same honey waffle look as the...