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  • AUG parts kit.

    AUG Parts Kit

    This is an AUG parts kit made from a Malayasian Army select-fire service rifle. The condition of the parts you receive will range from fair to very good. All parts are in servicable condition. This is not a firearm. There is no receiver. There are only...

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  • 3 Round Burst Demonstrator

    3 Round Burst Demonstrator

    Made from a Mil-Surp AUG trigger pack, this device demonstrates the inner workings of a progressive select-fire 3 round burst trigger. Only ten of these cut away models will be made.  This device has been configured for ease of demonstration. See...

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  • Steyr AUG parts kit parts.

    Steyr AUG Parts

    Select a part to see picture. These are parts from used SME Maylaysian Military Select-Fire AUG rifles. All parts are in serviceable condition. Condition of parts range from fair to very good.

  • steyr aug bluprint malaysian soldier with steyr aug

    SME AUG Manual

    New York Times best seller Repal Tempur AUG Steyr-SME in all it's mid 1990's glory. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pin up the tri-fold drawing, frame the elegant line drawings, and learn fluent Malay.  65 pages. Bound with two staples that...

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