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AR Platform

  • Aluminum M-LOK Rails

    Aluminum M-LOK Rails

    Anodized Aluminum M-Lok Picatinny Rails. Better than Mil-Spec Tolerances and meets all M-Lok specifications. Includes proper M-Lok Spec T-Nuts. So many supposed "M-Lok" Rails aren't equiped with properly proportioned fasteners, and lack the lugs on the...

  • Custom AR Quote

    We have dealer status with practically every AR related Brand on the market- literally hundreds of companies big and small. This means we can source the parts for your next project at a fraction of the normal retail price. What you are paying for is a...

  • Designated Marksman

    Absolutle the best Mil-Type AR trigger. 4-5Lb Trigger weight depending on finger position. Duplex trigger bow gives you a flat spot low on the trigger for better leverage. Use this for long distance and precise shots. Use the standard trigger position...

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  • Elite HiperTouch

    *Backorder, ships June* It’s hard for me to summarize the awesomeness of this trigger. HiPerFire’s innovations are revolutionizing what can be expected from a trigger system. In this trigger are multiple technologies that result in a system...

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