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  • Cheek Rest for B&T Collapsing Stock Cheek Rest for B&T Collapsing Stock

    Cheek Rest for B&T Collapsing Stock

    You paid $600 for that sadistic swiss whore of a tail hook that likes to rip out your beard hairs and clobber you with intense facial abuse! That’s why we made this thing. It gives 100%...

  • FS2000 Drop in Trigger Fs2000 Trigger improvement

    FS2000 Alpha Trigger

    Update: no longer available as a drop-in replacement. The customer must supply a FS2000 trigger pack. All shipping is included in the purchase price. Buyer keeps the original FS2000 trigger...

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  • Kings Desert Camo 1 inch scope Rings Matches your favorite hoodie.

    Kings Desert Camo 1 inch scope Rings

    I was able to snag these for pennies on the dollar, and I'm passing the saving on to you. Only $5 per pair! Nice, compact scope rings, Hydrodipped in King's Desert Camo- this camo pattern is super...

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  • Super Low Profile Optic Rail Ps90 low profile ultralight picatinny optic rail.

    Super Low Profile Optic Rail

    Some of you have been waiting years for this. It doesn't have back up irons, it doesn't have room for stacked optics. All frills have been sacrificed to get your optic as low as possible, in an...

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  • PS90 with carbon fiber side rail and see all sight.

    PS90 Side Rail (Carbon Fiber)

    The PS90 is already top heavy. Adding metal rails makes it worse. This rail is 1/3 the weight of the next lightest rail available. Another problem with aluminum is that the anodized surface reflects...

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  • E4 Mag Release

    E4 Mag Release

    This part goes inside the E4 stock. It is not the Mag release button, but is rather the part that locks into your mag. If your MSAR E4 rifle has the factory plastic part, it either has broken, or...

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  • Extended charging handle for PS90 Extended charging knob for PS90

    Extended Charging Handle (Carbon Fiber)

    There are other charging handle upgrades on the market. This one is easily the simplest, lightest, most practical, and least expensive choice.  Looks similar to the original, but is way easier...

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  • PS90 trigger improvement. Creep Killer is the Best modification.

    Creep Killer (New Version)

    The creep killer is an ingenious little piece of plastic that fits into your PS90s trigger pack and instantly improves three elements of the trigger pull. This new version is compatible with all PS90...

  • PS90 Butt extension rear sling mount point another ps90 butt extension, the best

    Carbon Fiber Butt Plate

    FEATURES Gives the weapon a normal length of pull, so you're not holding your carbine like a retarded T-Rex.  Integrated and recessed sling mount is perfectly placed for comfortable carry and...

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  • PS90 Delta Trigger

    PS90 Delta Trigger

    Sales currently suspended as we work on the backlog. Delta Kilo will be available for purchase summer 2024. 1,000 Delta Trigger Jobs Accomplished! Sales now suspended. The new DELTA KILO trigger will...

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  • Maryland SBR Stock Maryland SBR Stock

    Maryland SBR Stock

    This Stock Allows your Maryland SBR PS90 meet state law regarding overall rifle length. Made one at a time. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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  • Reduced Trigger Weight Spring

    Reduced Trigger Weight Spring

    This is the spring that is included with the Delta Plus Trigger. It can purchased to upgrade your standard Delta Trigger to Delta Plus. (Do not use the Delta trigger weight adjustment block with this...

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