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For FS2000

  • 9/16X24 LH thread "Browning Long" Flash Hider

    9/16X24 LH thread "Browning Long" Flash Hider

    Fits Austrian FAL, FS2000, and most M249.  Browning style, with 5 slits. 5.25 inches long overall. Extends 3.64 inches from end of muzzle.  If your rifle has 5 land rifling, align the lands with the slits. This has been proven to increase...

  • FS2000 Drop in Trigger Fs2000 Trigger improvement

    FS2000 Alpha Trigger

    The Promoted Pawn Alpha Trigger is a drop-in replacement trigger pack for the FS2000. At its heart is a high-end HIPERFIRE AR-15 trigger.  The Alpha Trigger features a 4.5Lb trigger pull with a crisp, tight action. It features a PatPend drop safety...

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  • Fs2000 gas reduction gas control screw for recoil and spring buzz.

    FS2000 Gas Reducer

    This FN factory part is called a Gas Control Screw. It screws into the barrel through the gas block. These gas control screws are more narrowly bored than standard, resulting in less gas flow and less recoil and spring buzz from the bolt assembly...

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  • PS90 and P90 selector switch with A marking

    P90 Selector

    Don't use cast plastic replicas of this item- they break and are extremely dangerous! This is a FN Factory selector switch for the P90 or F2000. You can install it in the civilian variant weapons. You can switch between all three settings. Switching to...

  • FS2000 Hammer FS2000 and PS90 hammer Gen2

    FS2000 Hammer

    FS2000 hammers are a little beefier than PS90 hammers. This hammer is compatible with all FN bullpup trigger packs. Aside from being beefier this hammer is also made of slightly harder plastic than PS90 hammers. Though practically imperceptible, the...

  • 9/16x24 LH Thread FS2000 flash hider.

    9/16x24 LH Thread Flash Hider

    Fits Austrian FAL, FS2000, and most M249s.  4-prong, with interior ridges to dissipate flash signature. Similar in design to the BE Meyers flash hider, which is supposedly the best in the world.

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