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For FS2000

  • FN PS90 Soft Case with SBR PS90 Bullpup Soft case with heavy duty lockable zipper


    These durable padded nylon cases are made specifically for the PS90 and FS2000. Not many cases can accommodate the girth of FN's bullpups, but these can. Beefy zipper hardware makes this soft case fast-to-access and lockable. The...

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  • Fs2000 gas reduction gas control screw for recoil and spring buzz.

    FS2000 Gas Reducer

    This FN factory part is called a Gas Control Screw. It screws into the barrel through the gas block. These gas control screws are more narrowly bored than standard, resulting in less gas flow and less recoil and spring buzz from the bolt assembly...

  • FS2000 Drop in Trigger Fs2000 Trigger improvement

    FS2000 Alpha Trigger

    Update: no longer available as a drop-in replacement. The customer must supply a FS2000 trigger pack. All shipping is included in the purchase price. Buyer keeps the original FS2000 trigger internals, unless otherwise arranged. Turn around time is 20...

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  • PS90 and P90 selector switch with A marking

    P90 Selector Switch

    Don't use cast plastic replicas of this item- they break and are extremely dangerous! This is a FN Factory selector switch for the P90 or F2000. You can install it in the civilian variant weapons. You can switch between all three settings. Switching to...

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  • US M4 30 Round Mag

    US M4 30 Round Mag

    Same exact magazine issued to the US army. No mag will give you broader compatibility. Will work with any AR-15, any NATO 5.56 rifle, plus many more. Made in the USA by a certified government contractor, D&H Tactical, Cage Code O4TQ4. Magpul...

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  • PS90 Gen III aka Gen 3 gray hammer.

    PS90 Grey Hammer

    FN PS90 gray hammer aka gen 3 hammer. Factory original. New or Very Good used condition.