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Original PS90 Parts

Listed here are FN brand PS90 Parts. Please notice we have another product category for PS90 accessories and aftermarket parts called "For PS90"

  • PS90 Stock

    PS90 Stock

    Does not include trigger pack. Does not include butt pad. I love the OD green stocks, but they are hard to find. 

  • FNH PS90 Mags in stock. PS90 MAG SALE


    There are many kinds of PS90 mags for sale on this page. All are new. Some are on sale because they're not FN brand or they don't come with a box. Sorry, I don't have time to take a picture of every variation. They all look the same from 4 feet away. The...

  • PS90 and P90 selector switch with A marking

    P90 Selector

    Don't use cast plastic replicas of this item- they break and are extremely dangerous! This is a FN Factory selector switch for the P90 or F2000. You can install it in the civilian variant weapons. You can switch between all three settings. Switching to...

  • PS90 trigger pack

    PS90 Trigger Pack

    Brand New Trigger pack for PS90. These are sometimes available for less direct from FN. But usually they are not available at all.    No more Delta Trigger Job option. The DELTA KILO trigger job is coming soon! See the Delta Trigger Job page to...

  • FS2000 Hammer FS2000 and PS90 hammer Gen2

    FS2000 Hammer

    FS2000 hammers are a little beefier than PS90 hammers. This hammer is compatible with all FN bullpup trigger packs. Aside from being beefier this hammer is also made of slightly harder plastic than PS90 hammers. Though practically imperceptible, the...

  • PS90 P90 internal laser details showing switch and housing. P90 PS90 internal Laser battery compartment in stock.

    Internal Laser

    Before I list the product details, let me address some frequently asked questions: Yes, you can purchase the factory Mil./ LE strength laser parts in infrared, exclusively here at Promoted Pawn. These are the same lasers as those inside the FN P90LVIR. I...