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Original PS90 Parts

Listed here are FN brand PS90 Parts. Please notice we have another product category for PS90 accessories and aftermarket parts called "For PS90"

  • Best Price on CMMG PS90 barrel.

    10.4 Inch CMMG Barrel

    CMMG Barrel for your PS90 SBR build. 1:9 twist. Happy to answer any questions you have regarding removal of the original barrel. We are a CMMG dealer. If this item happens to be out of stock, or if you need anything else from CMMG just let us know. We're...

  • PS90 Stock

    PS90 Stock

    PS90 Stocks are very hard to find new. If you can add the stock to your cart it's in-stock and available for purchace. If it says save to wishlist our stocks are out of stock and it can be years before we get more in stock.   Does not include...

  • FNH PS90 Mags in stock. PS90 MAG SALE


    You'll find 2-6 different kinds of PS90 mags for sale on this page. All are new. All are sold at the lowest prices allowed. If you can add it to the cart it's in stock. Sorry, I don't have time to take a picture of every variation. They all look the same...

  • bulk FN 5.7x28mm ammo for sale 2000 round box of ss197sr 5.2x28

    50 Rounds SS197SR

    1 box of 50 rounds FN ammo made in Belgium - low price. New, unopened boxes. Will match lots. Boxes may be worn or creased. 40 grain blue tips splinter in flesh for massive bleeding and minimal passthrough. Ammo ships same bussiness day via UPS ground...

  • PS90 Upper Receivers for sale. PS90 Barrel Groups for sale.

    PS90 Receiver Complete

    Pretty much the only way to get all the receiver parts without buying a complete rifle. Factory new to very good used condition PS90 barrel group made by FN in Belgium. Condition will be like the photos or better. No rails, otherwise complete. If you can...

  • PS90 / P90 FN Factory butt plates for sale.

    PS90 Butt

    PS90 / P90 Factory Butt. New and excellent condition. Sold per each. If you can add it to the cart it's in stock and ready to ship same bussiness day.  No hastle returns and refunds if it doesn't meet your needs.

  • Gen 2 aka Gen II black hammer trigger pack for PS90 for sale.

    Gen II Black Hammer Trigger Pack

    Very Good condition used trigger pack. Looks like it has one mag fired only. This is an original GEN II pack, with black hammer and black cross pin. There is no green paint dot, indicating this pack came towards the end of GEN II trigger pack production...

  • Black Reticle Sight

    Black Reticle Sight

    Very good condition example of this desirable, long-ago discontinued optic. The glass is crystal clear and the reticle is crisp and level. The finish is 98%, only worn on some sharp edges. PS90s and P90s sold with this optic were designated USG for...

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  • PS90 and P90 selector switch with A marking

    P90 Selector Switch

    Don't use cast plastic replicas of this item- they break and are extremely dangerous! This is a FN Factory selector switch for the P90 or F2000. You can install it in the civilian variant weapons. You can switch between all three settings. Switching to...

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  • PS90 trigger pack

    PS90 Trigger Pack

    We used to be able to source and sell factory new trigger packs, but FN hasn't released any to the market since 2019. Now our trigger packs come from parting out complete rifles. This has caused the price to go up, sorry.    Used trigger packs...

  • FS2000 Hammer FS2000 and PS90 hammer Gen2

    FS2000 Hammer

    FS2000 hammers are a little beefier than PS90 hammers. This hammer is compatible with all FN bullpup trigger packs. Aside from being beefier this hammer is also made of slightly harder plastic than PS90 hammers. Though practically imperceptible, the...

  • PS90 P90 internal laser details showing switch and housing. P90 PS90 internal Laser battery compartment in stock.

    Internal Laser

    Before I list the product details, let me address some frequently asked questions: Yes, you can purchase the factory Mil./ LE strength laser parts in infrared, exclusively here at Promoted Pawn. These are the same lasers as those inside the FN P90LVIR. I...

  • 10.4 Inch Barrel 10.4 Inch Barrel

    10.4 Inch Barrel

    10.4 inch PS90 SBR barrel made from a cold hammer forged chrome lined FN brand 16 inch barrel. Correct length and threads to mate with a P90 flash hider.  The threads on this barrel are not concentric with the bore so it cannot be used for mounting...